Try to read, that's how deaf/hard of hearing people feel. 
"text is from an article about online lessons:  click here
Having a practical assignment in the time of Corona seemed unthinkable to me at first. It is difficult for any student, but for me as a hearing impaired person it felt like an extra limitation. Zoom and online lessons are not possible. Working with other students online that I don't know and with whom I have to communicate in English is difficult. I couldn't get started, the will to go to work was there... After a facetime consultation with Karin Arink I started reading articles that were given to me on the subject of autonomy. The practice took a different turn. I got a lot of inspiration from a podcast, with subtitles. It was about accessibility and it reflected exactly how I experience it as a deaf and hard of hearing person. Education became less accessible for me because of the corona adjustments.
Because of the podcast I felt that I wasn't the only one who struggled with that. That gave me inspiration to take up this subject, which is close to myself. Besides the podcast I also saw a Dutch¬†documentary about hard of hearing girl and it describes clearly..¬†‚ÄĚIt can be very lonely in the hearing society because you live in a bubble, such a glass bubble.¬†Where you can actually see everything, but can‚Äôt really hear anything completely. The hearing impaired hear a bit more and then the bubble is made of thinner glass And the more hearing impaired you are, the thicker the glass becomes. And you can only really communicate with someone when someone is closer to your bubble.‚ÄĚ
What I want to do with my work is to make visible to others how I experience communication.
At the moment it is made even more difficult by the mouth caps that are being used. Apart from the poorly understood spoken word I miss the mouth image, which is almost indispensable for me to understand what is being said. It is the total communication. I have experimented with new techniques. Photoshopping, editing photos with needle and thread.
What didn't go well was beaker. My MacBook had failed and on the IPad Pro the program doesn't work.
I took the initiative to contact my teacher and I came up with a proposal myself. Collaborating with other students at this practice in Corona time is too complicated for me. That's why I came up with the proposal to make my own website and show my work there. On the website I show myself and I visually make some communication for a deaf / hard of hearing means in "Corona time" and also in daily life. What helped me enormously is the theory I read through articles. Thanks to these articles I came up with ideas for this practice. Creative thoughts came to me in abundance get to work.