I was born deaf, but at the age of 7, my parents got me a cochlear implant that allowed me to hear and learn to speak. I made this video about me. It shows how I was as a child and gives an insight into the environment that made me who I am. My grandfather is my greatest inspiration. I am a big fan of black and white images combined with one highlighted color. This allows me to give nice accents to the main figures.
The video contains a silence scene, to represent my time as a little deaf girl. In these scene you can see me using sign language that refers to “grandpa”. Immediately after that you can see footage of my grandpa. The close-up with the sign language is deliberately made into full-color, to express that while being deaf, you can actually see more. 
Luckily, I can also still turn off my cochlear implant, because the silence can be beautiful as well.